Definition of age

The age of contestants for each division is considered as that of the first day of tournament, 6th of April 2019.


Any contestant who is required to stop or withdraw from the match by the officially appointed tournament medical will be disqualified and unable to continue.

Preparation of protection gear

Each contestant should bring one's own protection gear: gloves, mouth guard and chest protector. Gloves should be JKA approved.

Any contestant who wears contact lenses should bring one's own spare lenses, and are required to re-attach the spare lenses within 2 minutes in the event of the lenses falling out during the match.

One country - one delegation

In case there is more than one karate organization in a particular country, the organizations are themselves responsible to agree amongst themselves to form one delegation to represent their country.

Other matters

Officially appointed tournament medical and staff will be present to administer first aid should this be necessary. The medicals hold the decision-making authority to decide if any injured contestant can continue the fight or should withdraw. Furthermore, each contestant must carry certain health insurances, is responsible for his/her own health care, and will have no claims towards the tournament medicals.